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Nouvelle traduction : 01. TECHS : Eco-hydrosystem transfers

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Keywords :

Eco-hydrology – Soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum – Groundwater – Watershed – Vadose zone –Water-energy-carbon cycles coupling – Water isotopes – Atmospheric dynamics

Research Summary

Water cycle dynamics in the warm regions of the globe are strongly linked to other environmental cycles such as the energy and carbon cycles through processes governing the critical zone.

Based on expertise gathered by team members in tropical and sub-tropical regions, the research activities of this team are focused on the following issues :

i) understanding eco-hydrological and atmospheric processes

ii) incorporating these processes into physically-based models, on scales ranging from a single plot (tree, plant) to the regional scale with sub-daily to multi-decadal time series

Various projects based on surveys and field experiments focus on :

  • The interactions between ecosystems and the water cycle, focusing on seasonal and inter-annual vegetation dynamics as influenced by surface and sub-surface water partitioning and on the impacts of land use/land cover changes on the hydro(geo)logical functions ;
  • The interactions between the continental surface and the atmosphere, driven by energy and mass (water and CO2) exchanges in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum, controlled by the ecophysiological functions of the vegetation cover ;
  • Local and regional atmospheric processes controlling the present-day and past isotopic composition variability of precipitation and water vapour in tropical and sub-tropical areas ;
  • Incorporation of observed processes in mechanistic models using principles matching the target scales, from the individual plot(tree) to the hillslope, the watershed and the region
  • Impact analysis of anthropogenic and climatic forcing on the behaviour of eco-hydrosystems and their components, while taking into account socio-economical aspects to derive evolution and management scenarios.

Research findings have been transferred to the field for various sites, including :

  • West-African sites associated with the National Observation Services label, AMMA-CATCH ( and BVET (, South-West Niger, Upper Oueme (Benin), Lake Chad basin (Cameroon, Niger, Chad), Nyong basin (Cameroon).
  • Other West African sites : Aghien Lagoon hydrosystem (Côte d’Ivoire)
    • Rainfall and water vapour isotope monitoring networks : South America, the Mediterranean Region, Nepal.
  • Sites associated with the CRITEX Project (innovative equipment for the critical zone,, funded by the French national programme, “Investment for Future”

Current projects

  • SNO INSU/IRD AMMA-CATCH (depuis 2002)
  • SO isotope pluie Tunisie ISTEUB
  • SO isotope pluie Colombie IDEAM
  • TO/SO Karst isotope pluie montpelliéraine
  • Projet ANR-Equipex CRITEX (2014-2020)
  • Projet ANR Isotropic (2013-2016)
  • Projet NERC UPGRO « Grofutures »(2015-2018)
  • Projet INSU-LEFE EVREST (2017)
  • Projet AMRUGE « Lagune Aghien » (2015-2017)
  • Projet Unesco-IGCP "Water resources in Wet tropics of West-Central Africa (3WCA)" (2015-2018)